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4 Push Drum Sequencer V.1.2

Fingers Push Buttons
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The 4 Push Drum Sequencer grabs the first four available Push devices from a live set and combines them to make a single 32 step drum sequencer.

Fun to use with 0 - 4 Push and LaunchPad* controllers.

Once activated each row of the grids makes a MIDI note value and each column across the 4 controllers represents a step.

The MIDI notes represented are independently settable and also come with 5 presets.

Requires Live 10 & Max for Live 8


Version 1.2 adds the following features:

a. Note value and velocity editing per row with 5 presets

b. Loop length and beat start editing for the whole pattern and  per row.

c. Sync speed that can be set for the whole patten and individually set per row.

d. Loop direction that can be applied to the whole pattern and  independently set per row.

e. Euclidean events that can be added in to each row.

f. A pattern lock button, which when activated will only allow changes to the pattern for as long as they are held on the controller grids. 

g. Nudge control that can nudge the whole pattern or one line of the pattern one place to the left or the right.

h. Auto_Adder and Auto_Deleter that randomly add or delete active steps every time the countdown clock reaches zero, the countdown is settable between 1 and 32 beats. 

i. A reset button that resets every line of the pattern to its start position.

j. Fixed colour schemes for Push and Launchpad making it easier to use a Mix of the devices.

k. Improved controls on Push allowing row selection with the up down arrow and nudge left and nudge right with the left and right arrows as well as 'pattern clear' using the delete button.

Rested features in version 1.2

a. User defined colour schemes. 

b. Independent  BPM and midi note step trigger. 

V 1.2.1 fixed bug causing 3rd controller not to respond properly in pattern lock mode.

V 1.2.1 fixed an audible crackle that could occur when changing direction of the the pattern

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4 Push Drum Sequencer V.1.2

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