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Pop Up Piano v3.4

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Pop Up Piano Version 3.4

Requires : Ableton 11 / Max for Live 8 / Bach Externals*

Pop Up Piano is a Max for Live device that comprises a number of floating windows visualising MIDI input with scale guides in a manner that is useful for teaching and learning about music. These include a piano keyboard, musical stave, pitch-bend and modulation display, simple note name display and now includes a tone wheel and guitar fretboard display.

To use Pop Up Piano simply drag and drop it on to its own MIDI track inside your live set, then select the windows you want to view. Pop Up Piano will automatically grab and display MIDI from the 'in focus' track in Live whilst the follow selected MIDI track button is active. Alternatively drop Pop Up Piano behind a  MIDI instrument to keep it track exclusive.

Pop Up Piano version 3.4 is available for free on the Fingers Push Buttons GumRoad store. Please consider making a donation to help keep Pop Up Piano freely available and cover the costs of any future updates and corrections. If you can't afford to make a donation please make a point to leave feedback and or share links to yourself using the device.

If you find a technical bug, error in the music theory, have a suggestion for added scales and chords or a feature you would like to see added for the net iteration of this device please report it here:

New in version 3.4

Version 3.4 now is now fully compatible with M1 and newer Macs.

Version 3.4 now links to (sets and is set by) Live and Push Scale selection.

Version 3.4 has been updated to include all of the native scales in Ableton Live

Version 3.4 has been extensively rebuilt under the hood to run more efficiently.

Version 3.4 now contains a quick pop up where questions to the maker and donations to this project can be made.

New in Version 3

Version 3 utilises the Bach Max externals** *** to make an improved stave view with fully supported double sharps and double flats.

Version 3 utilises the Bach Max externals** *** to add a tone wheel with chord naming added as a function.

Version 3 adds a guitar layout pop up. It shows at what frets and strings notes would be played on a guitar and supports multiple and custom tunings of up to 6 strings.

Version 3 has had multiple under the hood performance improvements greatly reducing the cpu load of the device compared to previous versions.

**Whilst left locked and frozen this device should work. However if the Max editor is opened and the device ‘unfrozen’ or you have issues viewing the Staves and the Wheel installing the ‘Bach Max externals’ for free from the Max packs menu in the Max for Live editor should fix the issue.

***When loading the device you should now see a 'Bach Project' web linked window pop up. This should time out after a few seconds. Please support the Bach project if you can.

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Pop Up Piano v3.4

7 ratings
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