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Audio to Synth and MIDI 1.1

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A2S&M is a real time Max for Live audio device that transforms an incoming audio signal into a Mono MIDI output and simultaneously to a non MIDI internal two oscillator mono synth.

Built for Ableton Live 10 and Max 8

It has been designed for live re-voicing of the full range of  a Bass, Guitar and Ukulele but also works well on a variety of other sources.

It is particularly useful for changing/adding to the sound of an instrument in a live performance, and this was the purpose of this device’s creation.

Please pay full price for this device if you can afford to, it will help with future revisions and feature additions.

Any and all questions answered at

If you like this device to want make a donation after downloading you can do so at .

V1.1 Improved the MIDI receiver MIDI level display

V1.1 Added Lowest Note MIDI tracking option. It improves MIDI tracking speed to set this to the lowest note of your input instrument.

V1.1 Synth always has balanced voltage outputs

V1.1 Added options for combining the two oscillators as carrier and modulator.


V1.1 Sometimes the main device will not start to work when loaded without a sound card active in the Live Options menu. Hot swapping the main device for the same device after a sound card has been chosen will fix problem when it happens. I am currently researching a better solution.

V 1.03 Fixed a bug that could cause a false C0 when tracking for MIDI with a microphone.

V1.02 Improved labelling for Live help window

V1.02 Improved mapping of controls for Ableton Push 

V1.01 Added detection boost. 

V1.01 Added input level based velocity for MIDI when fixed velocity is set to zero.

v1.01 Minor performance improvements

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User manual PDF, Main Max for live audio device, corresponding Max for Live MIDI device.


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Audio to Synth and MIDI 1.1

6 ratings
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